Bad Roads 2




Steeper roads and more crazy vehicles


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Bad Roads 2 is a simple, but addictive 2D car game in which your objective is to try to get as far as possible over dangerous roads that are full of potholes and impossible jumps.

This game is different from the franchise's first game (also available for download from Uptodown) because you can visit several different environments and drive a bunch of different cars: trucks, pick-ups, cars... Though the gameplay is still pretty much the same.

Thanks to its simple gameplay, the players have to be very careful with the jumps and potholes because if you go too fast (or at least a little fast) your vehicle can make all the boxes go flying through the air. And if you run out of boxes, the game is over.

Something else that is new with Bad Roads 2 is that is has a 2-player option in which one person controls the car in the upper part of the screen and the other player will do the same on the lower screen. It's recommended that you play on a tablet.

Bad Roads 2 is a simple, fun car game that will always have you coming back with the excuse of beating the previous records. In addition, it has simple, but beautiful graphics.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

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